"Every good painter paints what he is."   — Jackson Pollock

"Ellie Blankfort, an extraordinary ally, has been by my side throughout my career. As my original art dealer, she possesses the eye to recognize young talent and the passion to bring it out into the world. As a consultant, she gets my work included in fine collections and projects while she assists with business aspects. As a mentor, in moments of crisis, she finds original ways to help retrieve my creative juices and keep them flowing. Ellie is always at the other end of the phone if need be, and as my career grows, her expertise and experience in the art world assists me in making the kinds of decisions that have moved me forward onto an astonishing path of investigating and exploring new realms."   
—Lita Albuquerque, www.litaalbuquerque.com
Stellar Axis: Antarctica
,  Photo by Jean de Pomereu

"I have known Ellie Blankfort for a number of years. I have found her to be not only a delightful friend, but also a wonderful advocate for artists. Ellie is passionately committed to helping artists achieve their goals. Along with her great experience and depth of knowledge, Ellie possesses an astute eye, a compassionate ear and creative problem solving abilities. All this allows Ellie to provide a unique and personal mentoring experience for artists wishing to create breakthroughs and expansion in their work.

"In addition to Ellie mentoring artists privately, she and her husband, Peter Clothier, host monthly artist meetings called, ‘Artist Matters’. I look forward to gatherings very much. Our little community of artists discusses anything from issues with our own work to very interesting topics on the current art world and other cultural events. In a city as large as LA, where artists live so far from each other, Ellie and Peter have created a social network for artists to thrive and enjoy each other’s company, support and successes."    
—Marsha Barron
Pink Screen,  25.5" x 19.5"  Pastel, charcoal on paper

" I came to Ellie as a new mother, struggling to find my voice. Working with her gave me the valuable tools needed to look deeper and with more self awareness into my studio work and daily life. I credit much of my artistic growth to the work I did with her."   
—Angela Beloian, www.beloian.com
Elicit Poppy, 34" x 40"  Acrylic and ink on found fabrics

"I’ve worked with Ellie in her Artists’ Matters group for almost ten years. Her astute understanding of the creative process, coupled with the depth of her experiences as an art world insider have led me to a more meaningful comprehension of my own art, and the larger art world as well. With honesty and clarity, she brings a fearless and compassionate intelligence to the fine art of helping artists acquire the skills and insights necessary to go further than they ever thought possible."  

— Richard Bruland
, www.richardbruland.com
Blue Moon,  12"x12"  Acrylic on panel

"For over six years, Ellie has been a guiding light. We are each dedicated to 'showing up,' and through the dynamic dialogue that Ellie sparks, I have deepened my understanding of why I must create. She stresses the importance of breathing life into intention and in trusting my own creative process. Ellie is keenly aware of both the challenges and breakthroughs inherent in contemporary art-making processes, and through her honest, yet sensitive approach to exploring the core of my ever-evolving work, together we discover the spirit in art."   

— Arminée Chahbazian
, www.arminee.com
Murder,  36” x 48”  Oil on canvas

"Ellie is an enthusiastic supporter of the arts and artists. She puts together interesting groups of artists and engages them in meaningful and provocative discussions.”   
—Ann Diener, www.anndienerart.com
Enshrouded Land,  96” x 70”  
Graphite, prismacolor, gouache, ballpoint pen and cut paper on paper

"I value the critical discussions I have with Ellie. She never tells me what I should do with my work. Instead, she asks the kinds of questions that allow me to think about the work on different levels, which expands the process of discovery."   
—Jeff Koegel, www.jeffkoegel.com
The Mouth of Heaven,  48" x 36"  Acrylic on canvas over panel

"What Ellie has done is prod me into the 21st century with my painting. By exposing me to new ideas and artists, combined with her continual questioning of my concepts, my paintings have developed and blossomed."   

— Bobbie Moline Kramer,
Taylor & Hayley, born 10-04-1996,  30" x 30" Oil on wood panel

"Ellie Blankfort is the best. I began working with Ellie twelve years ago when I was at a stand-still in my work. Then and now Ellie provokes and inspires me to dig deeper, to produce work that is the most truthful to oneself before it goes out into the world. Artists are extremely fortunate to have Ellie. She is that person who understands the delicate, creative process and the dedication that creativity demands.
I cherish our relationship."   
—Kim McCarty, www.kimmccarty.net
Grey/Yellow Boy,  30" x 22"  Watercolor on arches

"Ellie Blankfort is a wonderful resource to me as a working artist, and a supportive colleague. I’ve known Ellie and worked with her since 2000 when I first arrived in LA. From her broad experience and many years in the arts, she brings wisdom, invaluable knowledge and understanding about its complexities to our professional relationship. Ellie consistently has encouraged honest dialogue and awareness of one’s strengths and talents, and focuses on building those strengths. Her deeply supportive stance has encouraged me to challenge myself and stay focused on my goals, both in the studio and in the world, and helped me to navigate the complexities of being an artist in Los Angeles."   
—Joan Perlman, www.joanperlman.com
Untitled,  54" x 54"   Acrylic on canvas

"There are few mentors I've met in my life who have proved as signally important on my development as an artist as Ellie Blankfort. She is a passionate, thoughtful and critical advocate for artists and their work. In both workshop settings and one-on-one, through supportive and direct dialogue, she helps nurture each artist's creative process; to make art that comes out of one's own experience. Art that matters —resonant, informed and timely. I've known Ellie Blankfort since the early nineties, first as client, later as friend and can say I'm both a better artist and man for the privilege."   

— Keith Sklar

Framed,  67" x 89"  Oil on canvas

"The last couple of years I’ve been attending Ellie’s monthly Artists' Matters group discussion. Ellie guides the group through a diplomatic process giving each artist a chance to share thoughts and experiences on the joys and pitfalls of the artistic process. Topics range from the philosophic to what’s on currently at the galleries and museums. I often leave our meetings inspired and grateful not only to connect with other artists, but also to have her genuine support and encouragement, something I feel is invaluable."   

— Gina Stepaniuk,
Vibrate  Oil on panel

"Ellie Blankfort's feedback has been a very important source of guidance to me as I have navigated my journey as an artist. She has always encouraged me to tap in to my deepest self and natural instincts in the work. She has been challenging and supportive, and always contributes to bringing out the best in me. Working with her one-on-one is a very soul-searching experience. Being a member of her group over the years has allowed me to learn from other artists, and to feel a sense of community on the solitary path of creating my vision."   

— Miriam Wosk, www.miriamwosk.com

Into The Deep,  76" x 104"   Paper collage